Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt

Table Salt vs. Himalayan Salt – the first processes and it has fewer health benefits, the second provides necessary minerals that can improve health. Table Salt Salt (sodium chloride) is the main mineral that supplies our body with sodium. However, usually, we consume much more salt than we need. Most processed food products already contain …

Milk Kefir Grains vs. Powdered Kefir Starter Culture

Milk Kefir Grains vs. Powdered Kefir Starter Culture – the first is natural and reusable, the second is processed food, more convenient, but it has fewer health benefits. Milk Kefir grains are unique combinations of yeasts and bacteria. They look like tiny cauliflower florets. Kefir grains cannot be made or manufactured. They are billions of naturally …

About Us in a few sentence

About Us Welcome to our webshop! is a small UK based online shop with competitive prices and a growing number of new products. We have a people-centred approach, so our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. About products We mostly sell brand new items. Sometimes we also sell fully working used electronics below market price, mainly …

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