Sony-D Lenses

The short answer – Sony-D lenses are Sony-A lenses that have Advanced Distance Integration. D lenses have 8 contacts, non-D lenses have 5 contacts. Buying Sony lenses could be confusing. So before I go straight to the explanation of what is Sony-D, I will explain the main differences and the evolution of the Sony lenses. …

Common Canon fit Abbreviations

This article is focusing on common Canon fit photography terms, acronyms, & abbreviations, which are used on Canon lenses. In addition other brands as well, such as Sigma and Tamron, that can be used on Canon digital cameras. Common Canon Abbreviations SLR – single-lens reflex camera – typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence “reflex” from the …

Main Types of Camera Lenses

For different perspectives and composition, it can be useful to try different types of camera lenses. Ever get confused when it comes to the many different types of camera lenses? There are two main types camera lenses are zoom lenses and prime lenses: Zoom lens – it is a lens which can go from wide angle to telephoto range or …

About Us in a few sentence

About Us Welcome to our webshop! is a small UK based online shop with competitive prices and a growing number of new products. We have a people-centred approach, so our customers’ satisfaction is our highest priority. About products We mostly sell brand new items. Sometimes we also sell fully working used electronics below market price, mainly …

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